“We bought Warren as a 7-year-old to move up from 110cm to 120cm and beyond. My 16year old daughter jumped him 120cm the first week we had him and had an amazing summer on him. He has been beautifully produced with fabulous nature, loads of scope, a true willingness to please and experience of everything that he needs to do his job happily and safely. He had been jumped at big competitions and travelled abroad before we got him and has not been fazed by anything we have shown him or done with him. We have loved owning him. He is a magnificent horse who has proved an excellent purchase and has been everything we hoped for – and then some.”

Tracy Hodgkin and “You Two Pearl”

“I bought Charlie from Caroline and Trevor as a homebred 4-year-old, which was lovely as I was able to know all his history. He is an absolute darling and was clearly given a good start to his life. Charlie has given me so much confidence jumping and although he is young he always helps me out. I brought him with me to uni where we have competed lightly at discovery level and now are more than ready to move up to newcomers this summer. Overall I am so pleased with him and always know Caroline and Trevor are there if I ever needed advice or support.”

Tess Wheele and “Charlie”

“Caroline and Trevor’s involvement in locating, purchasing and subsequently training our horses and ponies has been outstanding. Not including their meticulous patience in finding the best ponies for our daughter, she would not have been able to compete at the top level in pony showjumping. Caroline’s training has then focused on developing the partnership between our daughter and her competition ponies and has led to ever greater success in the arena. Caroline has produced our horse Boomie to a level we had not thought possible, skilfully building his and his rider’s confidence to new heights. I can’t thank them enough.”

Ruth Hahn and “Enda” and “Boxer”

“I brought “Mac” in October 2011 from Trevor and Caroline, Not only was he everything they described in my (humble) opinion he was much much more! As an amateur its always intimidating taking a horse on from a professional, but Mac showed me I had nothing to worry about. he took me, along with Trevor’s help, from being a nervous rider at 1.15 level to jumping confidently around 130s at international and premier shows, a level I never thought I would be capable to jump at. I still remember the first time I was placed in a 130 with him, I think Mac thought he had won the Grand Prix at HOYS he got that many polos! 3 1/2 years later mac is still my perfect horse!”

Leanne Edridge and “Nore Cruise”

“I bought Maggie in Feb 2014 and she has been an absolute delight. I had barely ridden for a few years prior after losing my last horse after 11 years and having a family in the interim period. Maggie wasn’t really what I was looking for at the time. I was intending to buy a 9-10 yr old gelding been there done it type and she was a young green horse. However, Caroline said she was a wise head on young shoulders and that’s exactly what she was. We have been having enjoyable weekly flat lessons with Rob Waine Dressage for nearly a year (which will go on forever I expect or at least till we can piaffe!) and learning together. From day 1 Maggie was an excellent hack both alone and in company and we did our first sponsored jump ride about a month after I got her. She loves jumping and I don’t doubt would currently be competing to a much higher level than I am ready for! However, we did our first 2ft 6 ODE on Sunday and she was fab. Maggie is entirely honest and bold, has a lovely soft mouth and listens when asked to slow down. She is ridden for everything in a gentle french link snaffle and I jump in a flash. Maggie has also been kind on the occasions my young children have asked to ride her in the school and will follow me around like a lamb. She also enjoys a cuddle. We get out and about a decent amount doing jumping clinics, xc schooling, fun rides, local shows etc. and my plan over the next year is to build confidence doing ODE @ 80 then perhaps by the middle of next Summer we will be ready to do some ODE 90. In a nutshell, Maggie is a fabulous horse, extremely willing, fun and a great friend.”

Sasha Randall and “Maggie”

“I brought my lovely mare, Lady Romanza from Trevor and Caroline towards the end of 2014. They were instantly likeable, professional but not at all intimidating and the purchase process went extremely smoothly. On my one and only pre-sale visit, I was immediately impressed with the friendly, calm and relaxed and yet organised atmosphere of the yard, so much so that my mare never left! The livery services are six-star and I don’t believe she could get better care or education anywhere else. Her training has been approached sensitively and tailored to take account of her level and personality. She has come on leaps and bounds – all credit to the team, in particular, Caroline Breen and George Bateman competing with her. Caroline is also an excellent and experienced teacher and I have lessons with her at weekends which have been invaluable. When I am not around I have complete peace of mind that my mare is happy, impeccably cared for and loved. Lady Romanza has travelled nationally and internationally to shows with the Breens.”

Lisa Cargill and “Lady Romanza”