“I’ve been training with Trevor and Caroline for over a year now and couldn’t recommend them enough. Using the years of experience they have between them I’ve seen a huge improvement in not only my riding ability but my confidence and ring craft has also benefited from their coaching. Both at home and away at competitions they are by your side to help you and get you in the right mindset to achieve the best results. I feel incredibly fortunate to have not one but two brilliant riders to work with. They give you the best of both worlds; Trevor is always straightforward, honest and motivational. Caroline is patient, giving you all her time and attention both flat and jumping really explaining why we do exercises to improve horse and riders strength and mobility.

I’d highly recommend them to anyone who would like to reach their full potential.”

Izzie Mcclelland

“I have been training with Trev at Breen Sport Horses for three years now. The training from Trev and support from the rest of the team has really made me more confident in my own riding and wanting to do more. Trev has a way of pushing you to be better in a confident manner that has made me grow as a rider and increase my skill set, both in the ring and teaching how to produce a horse properly. A huge thanks to Trev and the rest of the team – I can’t wait to see what else comes from the future!”

Izzy Smith